Details Equipment

All of the following is available in the house:

  • Barbecue: outdoor bricklayed barbecue grill (please bring your own charcoal)
  • Bedding – is available, but we ask you to bring your own and get the “Eco-bonus”
  • Books (for kids and adults)
  • Candles
  • CD-Player
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Coffee machine with filter or Italian coffee maker; please bring grounded coffee; but don´t bring your own espresso-machine (electricity is self-produced and thus scarce)
  • Dishes and silverware for at least 20 people; big pots and pans
  • Dishtowels
  • Dish-washer & powder
  • Electricity (we are producing it by ourselves via a generator + batteries)
  • Extension cords
  • First-Aid-Kit
  • Fresh air, unlimited
  • Games, playing-cards, drawing utensils
  • Glasses (wine, beer, water, champagne, schnapps) for at least 20 people
  • Hair-Dryer (1)
  • Mushrooms (to pick yourself in the surrounding forests from end of July to begin of October)
  • Refrigerator + freezer; big basement cellar
  • Spices: salt, pepper etc; vinegar, oil and other durable food (tea, cacao, flour, breadcrumbs, sugar,..), all  of which may be used for free in small quantities
  • Oven (not electric, but built into the stove)
  • Showers in all rooms; 1 room with tub
  • Snow-shoes, 12 pairs
  • Snow-sledge (1)
  • Stove (the main large one heated with fire (which you’ll mostly use) and a small electric one)
  • Slippers – just a few pairs, if you´ve forgotten your own
  • Torchlight; please bring also your own
  • Toilet-paper
  • Towels
  • Warm water (via solar heater or stove)
  • Wine, beer, schnapps (according to price-list)
  • Wood for heating the stove, kindling and axe to make more kindling if you need

For seminars:

  • 1 flipchart + paper
  • 1 pin-board
  • Screen (beamer on demand)
  • Seminar moderation materials

What about mobile phones & dogs ?

Mobile phones: In and in front of the house just the Austrian provider A1 is available; mobiles with other networks don´t have access nearby, but on the hilltop (5 min by car; 20 min walk). But believe us, one of the best features is NOT to have a phone connection and thus the liberty to just toss that brick aside for the duration of your stay J

Don’t worry though, there is a local phone for emergencies.

Dogs are welcome, however it is at your own responsibility give that the surroundings are hunting area

What is – fortunately – NOT available at the SCHFFERALM:

  • ATM- and credit card payment
  • TV
  • Internet (except with mobile A1 network, slowly, and only in good weather conditions)

Set-up of bedrooms

Ground Floor

Besides of the kitchen with living-room and the underground cellar, there is a small cosy room with a bed of 1,20 m for 1 person or 2 people-in-love. It is called Florazimmer because this was our former dairymaid Flora´s bedroom.


1st Floor

Here are 3 bedrooms:

In the Holzknechtkammer there are 2 single beds, both along the wall

Separate bathroom but shower shared with the room next door (accessible from both sides).

The Liebesnest (“love-nest”) with a king-size bed (2 people) + 1 additional bed.

Separate bathroom but shower shared with the room next door (accessible from both sides).

In the Regentalzimmer there are 2 beds that can be moved together or placed apart + 1 baby-crib; if necessary, 1 more person may sleep here on a mattress; full bathroom with shower







The 70 m2 - Seminar-/livingroom is located in the attic, very cosy with a comfortable pull-out couch for 2 people, modern chairs and tables for seminars; books, games, CD-Player; balcony; separate toilet; 2 more people may sleep here on a mattress

Lastly, Troadkammer, is a sleeping room with 2 beds, nice bathroom with bathtub and toilet. Above is a gallery where 2 people (kids) can sleep on mattresses.